Donald Trump Is the Worst, but Is He Worse Than Nickelback?

How much do you dislike Donald Trump? More than that friend of a friend who has told you the same joke 4 times a night the last dozen times you’ve seen him? Less than the girl who seems to not be able to take the hint that you’re not down to f**k her just once? More than your sister when she steals your clothes? But less than your parents when you were 13? More than a 24 GI bug? But still less than you’re evangelical friend from high school?

The definitive results are in. Public Policy Polling ran the numbers and some of you are about to be pretty disappointed. GOP nominee, Donald Trump is according to Death and Taxes:

worse than lice, root canals, and the widely accepted base measure for all things despicable, Canadian alt-rock band Nickelback.

And now that’s going to be the metric standard for how I rate all people in my life.

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6 years ago

Hillary is the lowest of the low and a murderer.

6 years ago

The Blemish… Yup, this blog, wtf IS a pimple on some pig’s ass… Soros…Sore-Ass. There, “humor” befitting The Blemish. No, I won’t come work for you. Losers.