Donald Trump Baby Dick Painter Assaulted by Trump Supporter

Ilma Gore, the LA artist whose painting of Donald Trump’s baby dick went viral, was assaulted by one of his supporters over the weekend.

Gore, who has been receiving death threats from hicks ever since her painting “Make America Great Again” went big and was on display at London’s Maddox Gallery, shared the image of her black eye from the assault on Instagram.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a Donald Trump supporter has felt like it was cool to just attack the s**t out of another person. Back in March, a black protester was sucker punched at a Trump rally. During a pro-Trump demonstration in California last week, 20 people were arrested for having a goddamn riot and breaking whatever they wanted.

Gore’s painting has been valued at over £100,000, though she claims she has been threatened with legal action by an anonymous source if she ever tries to sell it.

Gee, I wonder who the f**k the anonymous source is. Could it be everyone’s least favorite limp dicked, shrimp fingered rapist?

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