Don’t Mention Justin Bieber To Selena Gomez

What’s worse than having your extended family hound you about that one boyfriend you brought to meet them before you realized he was the scum of the earth and lead you to seriously question your own level of taste?

You’ve been single for too long, what ever happened to that nice boy? 

When you’re flashing back to that borderline abusive, definitely unhealthy union, you think not a damn thing could be worse… unless of course you’re an ex-Disney star who dated one of the most famous men in the world and everyone seems to think they have a right to treat you like extended family.

So when you’re Selena Gomez and you once dated Justin Bieber in a very public and somehow perpetual whirlwind romance, you have millions upon millions of people nagging you about that nice boy. Dat boi. Dat boi. That boi ain’t s**t.

One nagging fan at a recent Gomez show threw a sign at her which read:

Marry Justin Please.

Selena Gomez hasn’t had too many memorable moments in her career. She’s a better Instagram star than she is a personality, but here’s one moment where we really have to hand it to her.

I find myself rooting for Jelena, but let’s be real… I’m a messy bitch who lives for drama. I’ll take what I’m handed.

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