They’re Giving Andre the Giant His Own Movie

When you’re a 7’4” 520-pound man with a heart of gold… you’re not easily forgotten. Such is the case for our beloved French professional wrestler André the Giant. While his name certainly precedes him, the legend of the man has yet to be finalized in the immortal way that we exploit all pop culture icons… we have to make a movie. We just have to. You can’t have anyone do anything important in history and not make a movie out of it.

Variety reports that the time has come. Producers Dylan Russell and Scott Steindorff will join forces with Lion Forge Comics to produce the Giant’s life as told by the graphic novel, Andre The Giant: Closer to Heaven (what does this mean at my 4’10 stature that I’m closer to hell?). Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, Andre the Giant’s daughter, will serve as consultant on the film.

Per Variety, here’s the novel for which the film will be based:

Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven was written by Brandon Easton and illustrated by Denis Medri. The biography, which was nominated for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity and three Glyph Awards, recounts the wrestler’s life from his earliest days working on the family farm in France along with the rise of professional wrestling itself through the World Wrestling Federation, due in large part to Andre the Giant’s celebrity.

With his daughter’s blessing, it seems like all the right boxes have been checked and the film won’t tackle too much in one feature. I have high hopes for this. Biopics are challenging, but done right… they seem to be timeless and incredibly rewarding.

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