Farrah Abraham’s Racist Attack on Blac Chyna

In a social media age, the work to maintain relevance has been reduced to nil. Gone are the days when one must pester their manager into scheduling interviews with strategically passive aggressive shade thrown in the direction of another celebrity for the sake of a feud. One star of yesteryear trying to feud her way back into the hearts and minds of her populous is Teen Mom and one-time porn star, Farrah Abraham. And who’d she go after this time? Blac Chyna.

Hey, it’s done big things for both their careers, seeing as though they have both gone from trashy virtual unknowns to relative stardom so… don’t knock it until you try it. While Blac Chyna has yet to indulge Abraham’s petty tactics, Abraham was the one who provoked the wrath of her fans with an unprompted comment on a saved snapchat video Blac Chyna had posted to her instagram. Abraham attacked:

F–kin monkey ewe s–t come up 4 what she is a nothing.

So not only is she the worst Teen Mom in the history of the show, but she’s also a racist bitch with lowball insults. We deserve better feuds.

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Captain Sarcasticus
Captain Sarcasticus
8 years ago

“…one-time porn star…”


8 years ago

Farrah the human stain!. Farrah does and says anything to get attention. She has no home, her career is about sex. She has to pay guys to be seen with her’ garbage..