Indiana Has a Cool New Place for You to Put Your Unwanted Baby

Jokes aside, I think this is actually rad.

We’ve all heard the urban legends and seen the news report about moms ditching their unwanted newborns in all kinds of places, namely dumpsters. Because let’s be real, motherhood isn’t for everyone, and there’s not exactly an overwhelming amount of caring support in place for women who have the good sense to realize they can’t hack it early on.

Indiana is saying no to dumpster babies, considering in 2015 the Indiana House unanimously passed approving baby boxes. Now, Indiana’s installing them around the state. These padded, heated, and locked boxes ensure safety to any child left there, and allows parents to leave their babies in them anonymously.

The boxes also have a nifty alarm feature which alerts the appropriate first responders, so there is zero chance of a baby being left in there until it turns to paste, which is great news for Indiana’s unwanted children.

These boxes are made legal by what are referred to as “safe haven” laws. These allow parents to abandon infants at approved location without legal repercussions. Most states have these laws, and the boxes are considered a logical extension of them.

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7 years ago

I’m actually impressed, though, y’know teaching about about birth control and free contraceptives might have been a better choice.