Internet Forced ‘Hey Arnold!’ Creator To Deny Ass Eating In His Cartoon

Don’t play me Craig Barlett. We all know that guy was eating the booty like groceries.

From The  A.V. Club:

Earlier this week, a Vine started going around showing what was supposedly a very NSFW scene from Hey Arnold! in which a couple seen through a window behind Helga and Arnold appear to be, as one Twitter user put it, “eatin ass” in a very vigorous fashion.

Let’s be real. Look at this. Here is a dude eating ass like a starving ass man presented with a booty buffet.

Craig Bartlett, the creator of the show, has been out tryna deny everything, but we all know that the truth is out there.

In an e-mail exchange with The A.V. Club, Bartlett said he became aware of the scandalous clip earlier this week. Though he says he’s seen the Thanksgiving episode that the clip comes from “a hundred times,” he admits he’d “never noticed the weird tangent of the two characters,” saying he was “probably watching Arnold and Helga.”

Sure you never noticed, buddy. Sure. Barlett told The A.V. Club: 

“The scene is from ‘Arnold’s Thanksgiving, and the kids are leaving Mr. Simmons’ apartment, where his family is arguing at the table. That’s Uncle Chuck eating a turkey with his hands. I assure you it was never intended to be what the guy tweeted it was.”

“Hey, babe?”


“Uncle Chuck me.”


“Eat the fucking turkey with your hands.”


Long story short, the internet is full of sin.

I wonder how Kanye West feels about this Vine, tho?

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