Is There Going to Be a Lesbian Couple in ‘Finding Dory’?!

Progressive times we live in. Groups of people systemically ignored for decades are being brought to the forefront with sneaky marketing under its guise of visibility. But hey… motives aren’t everything. Visibility is important even if you’re still using our quirks, sexualities and lifestyles to increase your profit margins. So without further adieu, we’re finally going to have a Finding Dory movie and it seems like Pixar is going to try to sneak a lesbian couple into the frame.

It’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo graced our screens, took to our DVD players and became a precious childhood classic; it’s scary to have a sequel of any kind. Will this be bad? Gimmicky? Too much? Will it bastardize all my memories? We’ve now seen another newly released trailer. Not much about the movie is 100% yet, but it does seem we have some lesbians here. Pixar is getting a little gay with it.

Per Us Weekly:

In the promo, which originally debuted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, there is a brief scene where a toddler drops her sippy cup after being knocked over by a baby stroller. One of the two women walking by picks up the cup and says, “Poor baby, let me get that for you.”

Not sure this screams gay as much as I thought. Like, uh oh, here comes a woman with short hair. I’m just gonna assume her sexuality. But nonetheless, this could be good. And it also could generate another social media movement of some kind. For now, it seems like the people are pumped.

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