Kris Jenner Who Broke Up Kylie and Tyga

ICYMI, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, her quasi-rapper beau, have called it quits. The two have been in the spotlight together since their rumored relationship began in 2014. They’ve had their shares of ups and downs and their fair mix of huhs? throughout their prolific relationship and now that’s over. According to Ian Halperin, Kardashian expert and biographer, it was all at the behest of matriarch and momager, Kris Jenner.

With Blac Chyna, Tyga’s ex-fiancée, now engaged with a Kardashian heir, Kris Jenner allegedly decided that there wasn’t enough room in the family for both of King Cairo’s parents. A big family gets big… but it knows its limits. Halperin reports:

She was never a huge fan of Tyga. Friends of Kris told me she always had red flags over him, especially since Tyga had gone broke. She worried that Tyga, 26, was using Kylie, 18, for cash. My sources say Kris called a meeting with Blac Chyna, who dished a mouthful to her about her ex Tyga. For Tyga, that was the final straw. After Rob, 29, and Chyna, 28, announced their engagement, Kris told her daughters to patch things up with Chyna and to treat her as part of the family.

Meddling mother Kris then sat down with Kylie ,who instead of berating her Monster-In-Law inspired mother, took the road less traveled and agreed. And so it goes…. Tyga is out of the family. But not without a few worries from the Klan.

Tyga has been around from a few years now and unlike Scott Disick, he isn’t as quick to stay close to the family and keep the money trickling in. I mean this is a guy who has been content to bankrupt himself up until now. Maybe he’ll fulfill that soon or some Kardashian CIA mumbo jumbo will fall into place taking Tyga out with it.

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