It’s Four Years Out, but Black Widow Is Going to Have Her Own Movie

Well, the Earth lived to see another day. As such, another Marvel superhero movie is in the works. It’s been a year of sequels and franchise expansions, but we’re looking to the future with some more origin stories. Word on the street is Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is ready for her own film. From The Wrap:

The former spy and current Avenger is arguably a more fully realized character than ever, and it’s not falling on deaf ears at the executive level. Marvel chief Kevin Feige said in an interview that his company and partner Disney are “committing” to giving the character her own movie and possible franchise.

According to Feige, Black Widow will still need some time on-screen to truly cultivate her character. At least four years time.

We met her as Natalie Rushman, a spy in Tony Stark’s camp, then she joins SHIELD and at the end of ‘Winter Solider’ leaks all these secrets. She’s out as a good guy, and this is what it means to take on the responsibility of leadership.

Sometimes, Marvel throws some softballs. Some characters rest too heavily on their archetypes, but the more the Disney-Marvel partnership has grown, the more budding analysis has been brought to the forefront. Black Widow is not just another eye candy piece for ScarJo either. She’s a free agent with uncertain loyalties and a vast interworking of thought. She’s more than she’s been, she’s going to keep growing and we’re going to see more from her.

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7 years ago

About time.