Johnny Depp’s Family Hated Amber Heard

Pretty girl is a gigantic bitch? Huh. Never heard that trope before. Sources tell TMZ that Johnny Depp’s 2 teenage kids, 2 sisters and mom all “hated” Amber because she would “treat him like crap.” She’s not the one who told him to do that to his hair, is she? The hate would be totally justified in that case.

When Depp moved his mom, Betty Sue Palmer, into the house he and Amber shared, it’s said one could cut the tension with a knife. Not just any knife. Those plastic ones they give to kids so they don’t go full retard and cut themselves.

Depp’s mom would often tell friends she thought Amber was using Johnny for money and fame. Which doesn’t sound too far fetched considering Amber Heard is 30 and gorgeous and Johnny Depp is 52 and bloating like a rotting carcass. If that was true, the acting she did in that leaked video would be her best work to date.

There’s also the fact that before Depp’s mom moved in, she had only seen her son once since she married Amber because Amber was supposedly keeping them apart to maintain control.

Sources also allege that Amber had two behind doors sit-downs with Betty Sue after moving in and after both meetings, Betty Sue “railed” on her calling her a “terrible person.”

Amber Heard is super pretty so could have told Depp’s mom, “Either you die soon or you live long enough to be put in a home,” and I’d still shrug and say, “Hey, there’s two sides to every story.”

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