Kelly Osbourne Doxxed Ozzy’s Mistress

Keep in mind that this hard core no-nonsense bitch has more followers than God.

According the NY Daily News:

The daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne exacted digital revenge on her dad’s alleged hairstylist mistress Monday night — by tweeting out what appeared to be her phone number to more than 4 million followers.

SNAAAAAAP. Check this savage s**t out though.

As of Tuesday morning, the California number had been disconnected and changed — but the former “Fashion Police” co-host hadn’t deleted her doxxing. Instead, she sparred online with users calling her public attack “childish.”

Like she’s gonna doxx her fucking dad, who probably doesn’t know where he is and didn’t even notice he was sleeping with the hairdresser. Let’s be real.

That’s a super real point. It’s not like he’s known where he is for like 30 years anyway.

The fashion designer’s parents, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, reportedly separated earlier this month after 33 years of marriage. The family discovered Michelle Pugh’s digits in his phone when he went missing for two days in late April, Us Weekly reported last week.

Dude, Ozzy is not doing well. Holy s**t. I guess at least Sharon is free to pursue her Shaquille O’Neal fantasies now.

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