Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Her Stretchmarks

#Feminism, y’all.

Since it’s 2016 and some people act like it’s weird that women grow body hair and age and fart, almost like women are people or something, female celebs can still get kudos for being brave enough to be real about the fact that they aren’t actual mannequins.

Four for you and this instagram pic, Kendra Wilkinson.

The Kendra on Top Star knows what’s up. Having kids fucks up your body, but that’s alright. It’s natural. All human bodies are pretty fucked up irl. If your body doesn’t look fucked up from that kid you had, or that time you fell down a mountain, or that 3rd degree burn you got while drunkenly trying to take a hot pocket out of the microwave at 4 am with your bare hands after a night out, then you’re probably not having a good time.

This is true for both women and men, though women are the only ones who are expected to look 14 forever.

You do you, Kendra.

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8 years ago

Showing your Stretch Marks, being with your family……AND leaving your cell phone at home so you can enjoy them completely. YOU GO…….GIRL!!