Michael Keaton Back in Talks for ‘Spider-Man’ Villain Role

Sony and Marvel found some money under their seat cushions. Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming recently added Robert Downey, Jr. to the movie to play Tony Stark. That obviously cost a pretty penny and pushed the film close to budget-busting territory. That meant they couldn’t pay Michael Keaton salary. No one knows that amount, so let’s guess $10m? He turned down $15m to play Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, saying the movie “sucked.” So, $10m for a non-sucking, secondary role looks to be in the ballpark.

Keaton is rumored to play a villain called The Vulture.

The studio already locked down Tom Holland as Spiderman, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Zendaya as a character yet to be revealed. Check those names out. You think any of these people make that much? That’s probably what the studios thought also.

That’s why they came back to Keaton and Variety says a deal is imminent. Still to be figured out is whether or not these toys will sell.

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7 years ago

CORRECTION: He referred to Batman 3 (Batman Forever) as sucking. Please correct the article otherwise you’ll be seen as a Marvel fanboy.