Michelle Rodriguez — Being Born a Woman is Like ‘Being Born a Slave’

F**k, being a woman is hard. Imagine being alive. Now imagine doing it as a woman. Some of us are tired of it. Some of us get a camera thrown in our face just moments after stepping off a stale aired plane and some of us just don’t always have the best answers prepared when this happens.

Enter Michelle Rodriguez who you might know as Letty from the Fast and Furious franchise. Asked a bunch of questions about the gender wage gap in Hollywood, Rodriguez jumps for radical language:

It’s like being born a slave.

She describes womanhood as slavery. We’re overused and underpaid. But when asked further questions she barks back sharply:

I don’t care. I’m not about the fame or the money.

She recognizes the inequality though.

I’m paid much less than my colleagues. But that’s just the way it is.

Yes, Ms Rodriguez that’s how it is, but is that how it should be?

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6 years ago

Michelle Rodriquez — now there’s someone who has totally bought the radical feminist line.

Too bad she’ll be angry probably the rest of her life — all because she never considered a different view:

“The Doctrinaire Institute for Women’s Policy Research: A Comprehensive Look at Gender Equality”

6 years ago

Would hit, but she’d hit back. She can take care of herself.

And this wage gap s**t–using Hollywood to make a point–is asinine. yeah, I fee bad for her making over 7 figures to star is stupid ass car films that mostly suck.

Hollywood women–fighting for their bigger piece of the massive pie–but not for anyone else to get paid more, circa 2014.