MMA Fighter Aziz Karaoglu Came Out to the ISIS Anthem

At last Friday’s KSW 35, a Polish MMA promotion, fighter Aziz Karaoglu came out to a lovely ballad… that ISIS has been fond of using in their videos. The nasheed is roughly a call to arms against the infidels. Fantastic. The only reason to use this song during a walkout is if you’re planning to step on an IED.

His opponent, Mamed Khalidov, was also captured backstage dancing to the music. Not sure if it was ironically or if the idea of killing infidels moved him.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the only controversial thing to happen during the match. Rumors of fight fixing have begun to surface as Mamed spent most of the fight flopping on his back like those American women ISIS hates so much.

(H/T) Reddit

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7 years ago

Nasheed is a style of chant-like singing. It is not always a call to arms. It depends on the song. That’s a conflation.

The Blemish
7 years ago
Reply to  No

I meant this particular one.