Olivia Munn Is Loose

Olivia Munn opens up about being loose. Every time I think about Munn, I get reminded of her nude pics sent to then-boyfriend Chris Pine. The ones where she asks him to slap her ass so hard she cries and to f**k her pussy like he knows it’s all his. #neverforget.

Munn has a new role as Psylocke in X:Men Apocalypse which opens up on May 27th. As an aside, this movie will bomb. X-Men is tired and the franchise is more beat than Chris Brown’s girlfriends.

She recently talked to PeopleStyle about her looseness. Her looseness from losing 12 pounds playing Psylocke. The role took a lot out of her (much like sex with Chris Pine, hey ohhhh!!) and caused her to inadvertently lose the weight.

That left her with loose skin. Womp womp. Skin hanging off her like saggy, old drapes.

“I’m not very tall, so any weight that I had lost changed areas of my skin, like my neck. I could see different parts of my skin didn’t feel as, like, tight anymore and I think it’s just because it was excess [skin] because of the lost of weight.”

I’m imagining those folds on a bulldog right now.

Would she get plastic surgery?

“I want to try to avoid anything like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I believe that we, as women, should embrace our age and have no problem saying it. Sure, parts of my skin don’t feel as tight anymore. But we can’t control the day we were born.”

Munn, hit up Gwyneth Paltrow. She has a cure for you.

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