Radiohead Releases New Song ‘Burn the Witch’

Finally, we get some new Radiohead. It’s been too long. The band started deleting all their social media presence earlier this week until nothing remained. Much like your dignity after a first date. Suddenly, they returned with one single ‘gram.

A single wooden bird and chirping sounds.

They also sent mysterious ‘Burn the Witch’ leaflets to fans. That’s guerilla marketing right there..

And then came more on Instagram.

And finally one last one to herald their new song, “Burn the Witch.”

The video centers on a village of wooden people.

Naturally, they burn a witch at the stake.

The song features a lot of the symphonic vibe from their never used theme song to James Bond’s Spectre.

Definitely got the Radiohead vibe to this song.

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8 years ago