Rumer Willis Slams Photographer Who Photoshopped Her Face

Rumer Willis kinda has a weird face, but the photographer who photoshopped her jaw to make it less weird without her consent is a kinda a dick.

Rumer posed for an editorial shoot with her slightly-less-but-still-kinda-weird-looking sisters Scout, Tallulah, and Doorknob (ok so I made up Doorknob). The end result really pissed her off and she even took to Instagram to ask that anyone who shared the image to take it down with a statement that read:

“Any friends of fans of mine who posted this, I would appreciate if you took it down. The photographer Photoshopped my face to make my jaw smaller and I find it really offensive for anyone to try and change the way you look so drastically. I love the way I look and I won’t support anyone who would feel a need to change the way I look to make me beautiful. Whether or not they realize it, it is a form of bullying, which I won’t stand for.”

Check out the image below:

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8 years ago

Lame to do, regardless of her chin size, but she clearly doesn’t know what “bullying” means. It’s inconsiderate but hardly constitutes “bullying”, but in the age of hashtags, people seem to misuse every word.