Shirley Manson Fingered at 13, New Garbage Album Will Get Deep Into Her History of Sexual Abuse

It takes a pretty special something to have been conceived in the 90s and still be alive in its most original form today. I’m a 90s kid in the truest sense of the word. I was brought into a world of fake love and financial security only to watch that completely deteriorate with each passing year. But I guess…. actual human people don’t have the luxury of taking a 5 year hiatus on life. I firmly believe that is the only thing that’s kept 1995’s greatest alternative hit band Garbage alive.

2012 brought the first album for the band since the hiatus and now 4 years later they’re at it for another go around. And as is the nature of band like this, it’s gonna be a bear all. Front(wo)man, Shirley Manson cuts deep as f**k with her sharp lyrics about her sexual trauma as a child. For perspective, Billboard reports:

A few years ago, Manson revealed she had a relationship with a teacher in school; but even before that, she was traumatized by her first sexual experience, as a young teen. “A boy fingered me, then grabbed a knife and told me he was going to stick it up my vagina. I was 13 years old,” she recalls — the first time she has ever publicly spoken about the incident. “It frightened the s**t out of me.” A couple of days later, she realized that she had left her bra at his house. The boy ­threatened to mail it to her parents.

What’s fucking bullshit about reading tales about other people’s sexual trauma is that I can almost always say something kinda like that happened to me. And then I can text a girlfriend and they’ll also be like that’s fucked up, but same. So in a way, as heartbreaking as Manson’s experience and as sharp as her words may be, this is an album for all of us.

I had a flame of embarrassment, but I landed on my feet like a ninja, so I didn’t give a f**k. I want people to see my fall. I don’t want to make a lie that I am this perfect person. I am a hot mess! It’s OK to fall.

And she’s never been one to pretend not to be a mess. And like me when I sit down with someone who seems a little nicer than the layman but also a little too ugly for me to be interested… I divulge my every thought and then quickly find my candor humiliating. Manson backtracks:

I don’t know why I am telling you all this.

But she’s using her platform to say the things most of us are too afraid to. Her thoughts become tangible on a record. Her existence becomes solidified. And we’re lucky to have her. For all that she is. For all that she’s been through.

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