So How Does Katy Perry Feel About Getting Cheated On?

I hate to be the broad to do this, but you guys gave me a soapbox so I’m going to stand on it. If your shitty relationships have been any evidence, monogamy doesn’t work. The longer you’re with a person, the more likely they are to cheat. We’re hedonistic creatures put on this earth to follow our fleeting passion. Me fucking someone else doesn’t make me love you any less. If anything, if I fucked some other people and still come back to you, it should mean that I love you more. Jealousy is natural, but by no means does it give you an excuse to be possessive. A person cannot be yours. Buuuuuut before I step down, non-monogamy is not an excuse to lie to your primary partner either. If you haven’t arrived at a consensual agreement to f**k other people, you’re a fuckboi.

Alright, back to the story at hand. No one knows how this feels better than Orlando Bloom and bae, Katy Perry, who are in the midst of reeling from what looks like a Bloom fling with Miss Selena Gomez. While none of the alleged parties involved have come forward with comments on their personal lives, Katy Perry did take to twitter as one does with a cryptic tweet.

With 4 and a half minutes of Peggy Lee singing Is That All There Is?, the heartbreak is palpable.

And then I fell in love, with the most wonderful boy in the world.
We would take long walks by the river
Or just sit for hours gazing into each other’s eyes.
We were so very much in love.
Then one day, he went away and I thought I’d die.
But I didn’t.
And when I didn’t I said to myself,
“Is that all there is to love?”

And if there are any lessons to be learned here, it is to always make sure all your subtweets are cloaked in song like a classy lady.

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6 years ago

You know, there is evidence to suggest that monogamy is a cultural result of wanting to stop the spread of STDs and nothing more. There are plenty of historical references, especially in cultures that followed fertility gods, where whole societies practiced polygamy as a norm.