The Chicken You Eat Is Handled By Tortured People In Diapers

Let’s be real, you know if there’s any news about the meat industry it’s gonna be horrifying.

According to a breaking Oxfam America report, poultry workers are forced to wear diapers so them taking a piss doesn’t get in the way of American’s love of cheap chicken.

The report, titled “No Relief,” reveals the fucked up conditions workers at company plants that handle over 60% of all U.S. chicken have to deal with every day. Poultry companies named in the report include household names like Tyson, Pilgrim’s, Perdue, and Sanderson Farms.

From the report:

Chicken is the most popular meat in America, and the poultry industry is booming. But workers on the processing line do not share in the bounty. Poultry workers 1) earn low wages of diminishing value, 2) suffer elevated rates of injury and illness, and 3) often experience a climate of fear in the workplace.

Despite this, though, workers themselves say that the thing that offends their dignity most is simple: lack of adequate bathroom breaks, and the suffering that entails, especially for women.

Oxfam is using Twitter to spread awareness about how fucked up this s**t is using the hashtag #GiveThemABreak. 

We need to stop this devil poultry monopoly. I have never been so glad to be an asshole vegan in my fucking life.

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