These Dudes Give Puppy Love A Whole New Meaning

There’s a whole community of people who get their rocks off pretending to be dogs. Good for them. I also wish I could be a dog and not a person. Dogs aren’t aware of the fact that they exist in a crushing capitalist meme hell. Dogs don’t pay bills. They don’t even know who Donald Trump is.

From Dazed:

Puppy play is a lively community, with a tight-knit institution and groups dotted across the country. One of its de facto figureheads, Spot, made his television debut on This Morning this week, and the Channel 4 documentary Secret Life of the Human Pups aired last night, broadcasting the relatively low-lying community to the masses, paws up.

So, what the fuck exactly is puppy play? How do people do this? How can you go about living that dog life? Dr Jamie Lawson, a sexologist behind a whole study on puppy play, explains. What a career this dude has. How do get studying puppy play to be your job? I salute him.

“It’s a particular type of role play, where one or more people become dogs for a period of time, and interact with a handler or trainer, who takes on the role of the dog owner. Becoming a pup – or puppy – generally involves moving around on all fours and making dog rather than human noises.”

That sounds so much less stressful than being a person. Sign me up. Pet me. Scratch my ears. I owe 50K in student debt. I’m tired.

“There is a lot of kit associated with pup play: puppy hoods – masks – or full costumes; chest or body harnesses; collars and leads; tails and mitts, but people vary in precisely how they go about becoming a dog.”

Of course there’s fashion involved. There always is. If you think nobody does this, have I got news for you my friend. There’s at least 10,000 in the UK alone, and there’s a Mr. Puppy contest held every year where people literally get together as dogs to compete.

What a world we live in.

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3 years ago

what… the actual… f***

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