This Isn’t a Video to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

There’s something to be said for any person capable of asking for help when they need it. There’s even more to be said for the bravery of any person willing to swallow their pride so much that they’ll ask the government for help. It takes a special kind of f**k face to berate a person for accepting help. It takes a special kind of f**k face to attack a person in front of his child while he is peacefully trying to check out, take his groceries and go home to his bed where he can safely avoid conflict with people who do not understand America’s social climate, the disenfranchisement of its poorest citizens and how fucked it is to try to raise a family in an age when its most educated citizens are also its most indebted.

Here’s the video of the special f**k face aforementioned.

While it’s unclear what set this woman off, I’m going to assume she caught a glimpse of his EBT card and decided it was her place to tell him not to use it. What I don’t understand is what she hoped to accomplish? Did she hope that publicly shaming him would result in him pulling out the wad of cash he had in his pocket and cover his bill? Even if he did have a wad of cash in his pocket (highly unlikely), what other necessities would he be neglecting if he had been forced to pay for all his groceries out of pocket? Would he not be able to pay his mortgage? His rent? His utilities? What if he had to pay $20 to wash his laundry because his family couldn’t afford their own laundry machines? No one knows what it’s like to have to prioritize these necessities until you have to.

Tactlessly, the woman is heard in the video instigating the argument with the man, who explains he’s only trying to provide for his family. To that she rebuffs:

You’re not providing for it, I am! The government is! They take it out of my check! Bullsh*t they don’t.

Yes, it’s true that money is taken out of one’s check for social welfare programs which comes out to $4 dollars a year. That is less than a gallon of gas in most places. For $4 dollars a year, you’ve spent more energy ranting on Facebook than you would in less than an hour at your minimum wage job. The man being yelled at though handled it with ease, knowing that he probably beats himself up harder than this woman ever could. He calmly turns to her and explains that if she has any concerns, she should speak to her local senator and congressman. Unfortunately, the welfare of American citizens has become a partisan issue and like a badge of honor, the Walmart woman displays her political leanings:

Trust me, I am not a bleeding heart f*cking liberal.

I don’t care about other people and I’m fucking proud of it! F**k you.

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The Mad Zak
The Mad Zak
6 years ago

Republicans claim to be “the party of God” because they claim to support Christian values. Then they treat people like this. I am a Christian and if I were in line I would be praying to Jesus to give me the strength to refrain from punching a woman for the first time in my life.

6 years ago

Liberals/Communists the party of tolerance unless you disagree with them, then you’re a rotten racist, intolerant and Jesus loving a##hole.