Victoria Beckham Once Made a Hip Hop Album and It’s Everything You Would Expect

The 2000s were a time when anyone thought they could do anything. I’m glad we did. I’m glad we got it out of our systems. But most importantly, I’m glad it happened at the perfect time for everlasting documentation. You all know Victoria Beckham right? Husband to soccer extraordinaire David Beckham. Potential mother-in-law to Chloe Grace Moretz. Fashion designer. Gorgeous human being. British girl-band queen, Posh Spice, but do you know about her brief stint as a hip hop recording artist?

Hahaha, well here I am to tell you all about it. From her never released hip hop album, Come Together, I bring you some of the purest nuggets of 2002.

This is premium stuff s**t here. Damon Dash, mogul and legendary Roc-A-Fella exec, produced the whole thing. Quoted as once saying:

If we can make Victoria hot, we can make anybody hot.

Me. Me. Wbm?????

Anyway, I just wanna say thanks. If not for this album, I don’t know what I would blare into my neighbors’ apartment when they get too loud for me. No more lying about a sleeping baby. I’m going to torture y’all with this gold.

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6 years ago

OMG.. she and bieber should be jettisoned into space and left to implode. What an insult to my ears!