Why Gym Goers Got Pissed at This Woman’s Breasts

The female body is a treacherous thing. Full of its mysterious corners, caverns and clitorises. I can’t blame you for being afraid of it. Last Saturday, Jenna Vecchio took to Facebook as one does in circumstances of wrongful treatment and shared her experience in a now viral post.

In a post that all but puts Movati Athletic Club in Orleans, Ontario on blast, nothing makes sense.

Metro reports that it all began when Vecchio was:

working out with her husband on Saturday morning at Movati when a female supervisor confronted her about her attire. She was told other clients at the gym had complained her top made them feel uncomfortable.

In the Facebook post you see above, if you have eyes and a brain you would truly be astonished at the nerve of someone to tell this woman to cover up. While her tits are massive (praise the tits), they are in no more view than they would in another shirt. But that didn’t stop those gym patrons¬†from asking. When asked, Vecchio revealed that she too was surprised and embarrassed at the request.

I pointed out to them that my shirt was no different than any other woman’s shirt. They informed me that it did not matter that due to my chest size I could not wear a tank top. I felt humiliated and discriminated against due to my figure.

Vecchio and her husband were told they could finish their workout if she put on a t-shirt. Obviously offended and rightfully so, the two left immediately to pursue their ultimate goals of viral fandom.

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