50 Cent Arrested for Cussing at Caribbean Music Festival

Ok, so it looks a lot to me like the people running this music festival hired 50 Cent without ever listening to a 50 Cent song.

Check this out.

From The Huffington Post:

50 Cent, known for poetic lyrics like “you know we don’t give a f**k it’s not your birthday,” was arrested for using indecent language after a performance at the St. Kitts Music Festival in the Caribbean on Saturday night

Is the Caribbean for real? How you gonna arrest a rapper for cussing?

According to a statement The Huffington Post obtained from 50 Cent’s representation, the word that landed him in trouble was “motherf**king,” which he raps in his song, “P.I.M.P.”

This is kind of funny, but just fucked up considering he wasn’t even booked to perform, and was just doing them a solid from the get go.

“Mr. Jackson (50 Cent’s real name is Curtis Jackson, y’all) was only booked to host the show, when he arrived at the festival organizers asked him to perform, he obliged and used the DJ they had there,” reads the statement. “Unfortunately, they didn’t have the clean version to his tracks, so there were profanities used during his performance. The show was a great success and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that he leaves the ‘motherf**kers’ in the United States.”

Fiddy’s bail was set at 5K and he’s gotta be in court on Monday.


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