Adele’s Potty Mouth Creates Uproar

Number one reason to love Adele. She’s not fake. Not fake like Taylor Swift who’s choreographing her relationship with Tom Hiddleston through the media. How much money does T. Swizzle pay to manipulate everyone? A lot.

Adele, though, can be who she wants to be, look how she wants and talk how she likes. She performed over at the Glastonbury festival and swore up a storm. 33 variations of f**k and s**t. Why are people surprised? Just because she sings like the 2016 version of some 1970s adult contemporary AM radio singer, doesn’t mean she can’t be filthy as she wants to be.

During her set, she said “the BBC had to give me a warning about my potty mouth before I went on. I bet Muse didn’t get that.”

Choice bits include:

Oh my God. Oh my God. Hi. This is the best fucking moment of my whole life. Oh my God. Look at you. Can you put the lights on [the audience] more? I want to see them.

In response to a song mishap:

S**t, I did that wrong. Perfect time to f**k up a song, headlining at Glastonbury.

Of course, fans flooded Twitter because their overly sensitive, virginal ears couldn’t take all the f-bombs.

Oh, the children…Won’t someone think of the children?!?!

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7 years ago

*Facepalms* Mental note, the BBC should never air annnnnyone from Australia.