Teenager Tries to Prank Her Friends and Ends Up Trapped in Barney-Headed Hell

Sounds pretty Alabama standard to me.

From Someecards:

Alabama teenager Darby Risner found a Barney the Dinosaur costume in the basement of her church and thought it would fun to try on the oversized purple noggin, but quickly learned that the inside of Barney’s head is a dark, scary place.

Considering she’s from Alabama, her head is probably huge from inbreeding, which is why it got stuck in the first place.

Risner wanted to scare her friends by popping out of a stairwell wearing Barney’s head, but being in God’s house and all, the man upstairs decided to punish her right then and there for the cruel prank when the opening for the head slipped over her shoulders and trapped her inside.

Looks like even god was tired of her s**t. Fortunately, her asshole friends livetweeted and snapchatted the whole thing, even taking her to a fire station to get it off. Check it out.

Even the dude helping her is cracking the f**k up. Fortunately, Darby was eventually released from her purple dinosaur head prison.

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