Anton Yelchin Dead at 27

Anton Yelchin (Star TrekAlpha Dog) was found dead Sunday morning pinned between a brick mailbox attached to his security gate and his car.

TMZ reports friends became worried when he didn’t show up earlier for a rehearsal. They went to his San Fernando Valley home around 1 AM and found his body.

Police noted that the engine was still running and the car was in neutral. The driveway was on a steep incline and it looks like it was a freak accident. Cops don’t suspect foul play which makes guessing how this happened all the more weird.

Did he think he put his car in park before getting out and checking the mail? At least Anton died with dignity. Unlike me. I would have dropped my pants with my dying breath to give people something to talk about.

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7 years ago

Regardling the ridiculous verbal offering re Lindsay Lohan on June 19, by Lauren Cox of “HollywoodLife”, re Lindsay’s comments pertaining to the death of her friend, Anton Yelchin!… —– First of all… his friends found him AFTER THE FACT of his failure to show up for work (i.e., as “reported”!)!… and so, it’s a guess on their part, as to exactly HOW he died! We are told that his death was the result of being pinned by his car in a said “FREAK ACCIDENT”!… but, was it mere SPECULATION on the part of his friends!… and on the part of… Read more »

7 years ago

A recent “Official Report” has assessed the death of Anton Yelchin, as an “accident”! But!… if my memory is serving me correctly!… this geography is the same part of the world, that declared– and unequivocally!– that OJ Simpson DID NOT kill his wife!… AND!… IN A COURT OF LAW! Good luck LA!… with your now, “Official Assessment” of the death of Anton Yelchin!