Ariel Winter Goes To Prom Solo, Where’s The Boyfriend?

I always forget how young Ariel Winter is. She’s be around for years now. She’s big in the public eye. Her tits have their own gravitational pull. She presents herself in a mature and sophisticated fashion. Nevertheless, she’s only 18. And so she’s doing 18-year-old things. Like choosing a college. Getting a boyfriend. Breaking up with that boyfriend. And going to prom.

The latter of those two appear to be related. Just last month, the child star took to Instagram to show off the usual prom pics, but with a more cryptic caption. No boyfriend to be found and a Lemonade lyric to boot. Things do not look good for that relationship.

She came to slaaaaaaaaaay, bitch. I’m into it. There’s nothing better for the human body and mind than a much-needed break up. We should be doing more of that. It’s been continuously refreshing to see young women empowering themselves outside of the acceptance of men. We should be doing more of that.

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