Axl Rose Is Old and Fat and Doesn’t Want to Be a Shitty Meme

Welcome to the (capitalist meme hell) jungle, Axl Rose.

Considering that we all get old, some of us are already fat, and we probably are all gonna be a meme at some point before our old fatness tumbles into the grave, Axl Rose should probably just make like that chick in that shitty kids movie and let it go.

According to Gizmodo:

The years have not been kind to the former gods of glam rock—and particularly not to William Bruce Bailey, better known as Axl Rose. There’s a minor meme, which pokes fun at the weight the once-lithe Guns N’ Roses frontman has put on since his band’s glory days. And as TorrentFreak reports, he’s using the DMCA to try to erase the fat-shaming meme from the internet.

I mean, considering back then he was doing coke all the time, maybe we should leave him alone. However, the fact that 8 people probably saw this shitty meme beforehand and Axl is only bringing attention to it isn’t really working in his favor.

According to the report, six Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown requests appeared in Lumen Database’s DMCA archive this week, indicating Axl’s effort to have over two dozen Blogspot and GoogleUserContent URLs removed.

So, what is so embarrassing that Axl Rose has decided to moonlight as the internet thought police? Take a look at the Fat Axl Meme.

Does Axl Rose look more like Larry The Cable Guy than you expected?


Has anyone ever laughed at, shared, or even thought about this not that funny meme for more than 15 seconds, outside of the 10 people that made one of these?

Probably not.

Relax, Axl.

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