‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Is Finally Happening Again Maybe

Almost all non-Marvel sequels are flopping like a beached whale and no one is going to the movies anymore, so of course these assholes are doing another franchise film.

From Boomstick Comics:

“It looks like a 4th film with Eddie Murphy is finally gaining steam once again. We’ve seen this before. Hell, we’ve seen a TV series try to take off, but never happen with this franchise. Maybe this time, it will actually happen, and we will get the Detroit cop back in California once again, solving a crime.”

Wow, they will or they  won’t, the tension between this movie and it actually existing is too much. Maybe the big wigs should try their money-stuffed hands at something that isn’t a franchise.

“Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer have been working on the script for a while now with the help of Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. We are hearing that this new story will bring back Axel Foley to his roots from the first film, making it a gritty, yet funny film, and not like the horrible third movie that took place at a theme park.”

I blocked out that piece of s**t so hard I can’t even make a joke about it. As far as my brain is concerned, that never happened.

Eddie Murphy has been irrelevant for like 15 years. Whether this movie finally goes through or not, it is already irrelevant.

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