Brexit Has Plunged Both The UK And Lindsay Lohan Into Despair

If you don’t know what Brexit is, let me fill you in under 15 seconds.

The UK, a country which colonized over half of the world and stuck it’s dick wherever it wanted, just passed legislation trying to leave the EU because it doesn’t think people from Poland are white enough to be associated with them. They have potentially fucked up the global economy because they are afraid of people with other accents taking their jobs and breathing near them.

Moving on to Lindsay Lohan‘s complete social meltdown over it tho:

Does she think that being in the EU gets you complimentary Chanel? Idgi. Also maybe learn where the places you are so passionate about are maybe?

 At least she thanked people for letting her know where Sunderland is.
Good news for the Shetlands they at least didn’t prove to be xenophobic dickbags and did what Lindsay wanted.
Her full-out breakdown was real, but probably not as real as the one the UK is having.
 Hell is real and it’s The UK.
At least English people have lost the right to call Americans stupid from here on out. Idiots.
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5 years ago

This HAS to have been written by a young kid that’s never stepped foot in Great Britain.

Try talking to actual Brits who have been living in England for decades to get an idea of why they want to exit the EU. All I’m reading is the rant about Evil White people from a young girl that’s probably never stepped foot outside of the country.

5 years ago

1) Possessive “its” has no apostrophe.
2) The British Empire at its largest extent controlled about a quarter of the world’s land and about one-fifth its population.
3) The promised fifteen-second summary is essentially a clumsy and artless ad hominem attack, devoid of factual basis, lacking in humor, steeped in ignorance.

(My generation has so much to learn from the millennials.)

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