Burger King Is Back With Another Unholy Food Combo Called Mac ‘n Cheetos

Were you ever high, savaged your cupboard, found a half-eaten bag of Cheetos, mozzarella sticks and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese and thought to yourself these three together would be a literal mouthgasm? Then you passed out and asked yourself what the hell you were thinking when you woke up? Well, Burger King is still high as balls and decided to make this stomach churning trinity a reality.

May I present you the Mac ‘n Cheetos, the abomination born from Satan’s asshole. Foodbeast has a nice video of it.

It’s mac ‘n cheese wrapped in a mozzarella stick dusted with Cheetos. A bite-sized heart attack.

The Mac ‘n Cheetos are currently being tested in certain SoCal stores. And, yes, of course someone already reviewed it. He gave it a 10/10.

Though, honestly, why aren’t these Flaming Hot Mac ‘N Cheetos. Everyone knows Flaming Hot Cheetos are the superior Cheetos.

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