Calvin Harris Calls Taylor Swift’s Photo Op with Tom Hiddleston’s Mom Bullshit

ICYMI, things with Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are continually heating up both on the inside of their relationship and on the outside. Ex-bae  Calvin Harris has had some words to share thus far, and now he has a few more following Swift’s very public meeting with Hiddleston’s mother in the UK. Per TMZ:

Calvin Harris thinks it’s “f****** laughable” that Taylor Swift has already met Tom Hiddleston’s mother … considering she NEVER met Calvin’s parents during their 15-month relationship.

Sooooooo it is as much bullshit as it seems. I mean those pics are so posed, it’s like they called the paps themselves. A source continues to share that one of Swift’s reasons for never meeting Harris’s parents was that she thought it was too far to travel. Hahahahahahahahhaha

But there is a better hypothesis afoot. Not so much that Hiddleston and Swift are getting super close, super fast but more along the lines of Hiddleston being put up for a Bond role and Taytay wanting to land the role of the newest Bond girl. How feminist of you, girl.

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