Calvin Harris Takes To Instagram To Air His Post-Break Up Feels

When was the last time you went a day without seeing a Taylor Swift headline? It isn’t today. This just in on the ongoing Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris-Tom Hiddleston saga: A string of comments Harris posted to his Instagram page. Obviously, everything has been deleted by now because no one wants to have any fun, but screenshots keep the dream alive.

In his various posts, Harris clapped back at the ambiguities surrounding his break up but did so by adding more ambiguous comments to his Instagram page. Great, let’s misinterpret some more.

He immediately shot down claims that he was hacked by commenting:

 No it’s me.

He went in to how he feels free to finally be on the other side of this relationship to which a fan described Harris’ motives as related to him being:

jealous of Taylor now because she’s moved on and found a new boyfriend.

Don’t you think Harris’ millions keep him warm at night? He went on to correct the user’s assumption of his jealousy:

not jealous sir, FREE.

He reminded his and Swifty fans alike that the exes are still on good terms. When asked about his alleged hatred for her, he simply responded:

I don’t at all.

For all the problems with this little publicity stunt, it was probably cathartic for him. He hasn’t had a chance to really verbalize his thoughts post-break up as Taylor news has been the driving force so this was needed. We have been given the opportunity to see a fraction of both sides of this story. Everything’s fine.

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5 years ago

Calvin said it all when he said he was free. The Swift PR machine and contracts make you feel like her property. You are there for her and her only. Best thing for Harris was to get out of her web. She is a fake.

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