Calvin Harris — Taylor Who?

I’m sure Calvin Harris waited for the day to become famous as a DJ, women throwing themselves at his feet, adulation from millions, his music blasting on the radio and out of cars everywhere…and did I mention women wanting to bang him day and night…and once he reached the zenith of his life…he gets to go shopping for antiques. No one becomes famous so they can shop for antiques. That is playing the game so wrong.

Harris wised up and ditched Taylor Swift, or vice versa, but no one really knows. Let’s just say Harris got tired of smelling cat piss every day.

Judging by these Snaps tho, Harris doesn’t care. He took a group of babes, and one dude, out on his yacht. ON HIS YACHT.

Here’s Harris’ snap with the caption: “I write songs.” Left unsaid, “That get the girls to drop their drawers.”

See all those women there? Harris had sex with them. All of them. At once. Does that sound more fun that antiques??

Another snap of babes just chillin’ on a boat.

Also on the boat was Harris’ pal, Emil Nava. Nava directed some of Harris’ videos, including “I Need Your Love.”

He’s also the guy who cleans up Harris’ sloppy seconds.

[Images: Daily Mail]

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