Chewbacca Mom’s Fame Has Upset a Whole Lot of People

It’s been three weeks since Candace Payne put on her Kohl’s-found Chewbacca mask to morph into her new identity as “Chewbacca Mom” and things are heating up. Since her video went viral, Payne has been granted over $420,000 worth of prizes including a free trip to Disney and scholarships to her entire family. How the f**k has this happened? This woman even has the gall to charge $20 per autograph.

Comedian Franchesca Ramsey put it better than I ever could. Like all people when they need to rant, they take to public forums for the likes. Ramsey took to Facebook:

Ok. The video was cute. But CUTE at best. But I’m not sure how a cute video earns free college for your and your whole family. Here’s an idea….maybe give full college scholarships to people who actually NEED them and have worked hard to earn them? I can’t.

She later refined her answer:

Edited to clarify: “doesn’t deserve a scholarship” wasn’t the best choice of words. everyone deserves the chance to go to college if they want to. My frustration is with the HOW of this scholarship choice more than who.

The internet is not happy and is in agreement with Ramsey about this weird treatment.

Only internet sensations get a real shot at a debt-free education, you know. And the privileged always need more money. It’s just the way the world works. But where does the money even come from?

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5 years ago

I’ll be over here in Australia, where adult education is provided via an interest free HECS debt… which you only have to repay if you ever get a job where you earn enough money to have the debt garnished a small piece at a time from your wages. #Straya

Madara Uchiha
5 years ago
Reply to  AussieD

that system needs to be brought to South Africa, it’s fantastic

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