Chris Brown Seems Nice, Stomped on Man’s Head

On May 18 in Cannes, a fan, Malek Mokrani, wanted to help Chris Brown keep his shoes clean during a concert so he laid down on the floor like a human jacket and let his head be used as a stepping stone. Unfortunately, the “media” has spun this chivalrous act into one of brutal violence. One that put Malek in a hospital in a neckbrace and may lead to a “settlement.”

In an Instagram post, Chris responded with a “Hey TMZ, f**k ya” and explained that the man was a security guard who didn’t know who he was and started pushing him around. Ultimately, Chris and his team “handled the situation accordingly” which, as you can see, means getting him to the ground and stomping on his head. How else would one handle the situation accordingly. I see no other options.

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