Parents of That Kid in the Gorilla Story Face Investigation

By now you know about that poor gorilla who was shot and killed on Saturday. By now you already know your opinion on the subject. You’re either pro-gorilla or pro-human or perhaps you’re realizing that the human species wasn’t made to last. While I’m sure more information will continue to unfold, it’s my job to tell those that are pro-human and pro-gorilla that the parents of the 4-year-old child are being investigated for negligence.

As per Us Weekly:

…Authorities will be focusing on the parents’ actions leading up to the incident, and not how the facility handled the situation. Ohio State University criminal law professor Ric Simmons told the AP that it’s doubtful that the parents — Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson — will be charged with child endangerment. A parent would more likely be charged if they left their son or daughter unattended for an extended amount of time.

Children move fast. Too fast. Both parents say it was less than a minute before they found their son 10 ft below in the gorilla enclosure.

“The mother was standing next to a zoo exhibit and lost track of her child for perhaps a minute or so,” Simmons said. “That has happened to almost every parent in the world in a public place.”

There is no justice here. Just another viral sensation about another stupid thing a human did and an animal in feature. Only this one has a tragic ending.

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