Did Drake Set Up a Producer to Have the S**t Kicked Out of Him?

Considering all of Drake’s music sounds like an entitled 14-year-old wrote the lyrics, I’d buy it.

From Page Six:

Grammy-winning producer Detail claims the former “Degrassi” star, 29, had him beaten up after he refused to enter into an exclusive working agreement, reports TMZ.

Sounds just like what a guy who has a man-child brain would do after being told no.

In the suit, Detail (real name: Noel Fisher) claims that Drake offered him a gig as his exclusive producer in 2014. Not wanting to give up his autonomy, the producer, who is behind Beyoncé’s smash hit “Drunk in Love,” turned down the offer, a decision that angered the rapper.

Detail claims he was invited to Drake’s Calabasas estate for a late-night work session but instead, when he arrived, he was “cold cocked” by Drake’s bodyguard, Chubbs. The punch, Detail claims, broke his jaw.

That sounds pretty intense, but considering Drake is known for releasing the hounds on people who piss him off, it’s not exactly unbelievable.

This isn’t the first time a bodyguard for the emcee has been accused of trying to push someone around on his behalf. In April, a Toronto photographer claims he witnessed Drake and a bodyguard threaten another shutterbug who had captured shots of their helicopter touching down.

Now I don’t like Drake even more than I already did. Great.

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5 years ago

Drake is a bitch. He has to act hardcore to fit in with the other ‘rappers’. Deep down he is just the wheelchair kid from Degrassi.

5 years ago
Reply to  Panayotes

Not just a bitch, but a punk ass bitch who writes shitty songs. I have no idea why people even like most of his stuff. He sucks as bad as Bieber which is saying something. Effing Canada. Amazing how marginal most of the “talent” in the music industry is right now. Crappy time to be a music fan.

5 years ago

Drake would set someone up, he is too much of a pussy to do anything but that.

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