Diplo Wants You to Know He’s Only Half Gay

Maybe Diplo means that he’s bisexual, but considering he once said he wanted to start a Kickstarter to buy Taylor Swift an ass clearly we aren’t dealing with a gentleman and a scholar here. I don’t think any of the s**t he says means anything.

After going out of his way to lend his support to the Orlando club scene following the biggest shooting in American history at a gay club in a really heartfelt Instragram post:

He had to go out of his way to ruin it by saying some dumb s**t to rapper Angel Haze on Twitter:

For one, this is a fuckboy thing to say. For another, Angel Haze is queer and agender and if you think you are gonna get somebody like that to suck your dick by saying fuckboy s**t you are mistaken. And lastly, what does this even mean?

I don’t know, man.

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5 years ago

but she responded posi to his tweet tho, so what?

5 years ago
Reply to  Bulbasaur

and queer means polyamorous – so like everybody like everybody we make out w/ everybody