Emilyi Ratajkowski — Like Mother, Like Daughter

Now we know where Emily Ratajkowski inherited her talents. Well, it was always obviously from her mother, but now we have visual proof. And let’s be honest, you’d hit it. If you put your thumb over her mother’s head right now, you’d swear it was Emily’s twin.

Can we start a petition and get Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts declared national treasures? Plus, let’s give her mother the Nobel Peace Prize for birthing a fine specimen.

Ratajkowski posted an Instagram of her mother at 23. Damn, hot in that 1970’s feathered hair sorta way.

But back to Emily…

This photo though. It looks WAY photoshopped. It’s like her assistant took too much off her waist and made her into a centaur. A centaur I’d do in an instant.

[H/T BroBible]

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