This Fan Made Trailer for Jon Snow: King in the North Is Amazing

In case you couldn’t have guessed, spoilers ahead. But, honestly, who hasn’t seen the season finale of Game of Thrones? What are you? A heathen?

Days after the last episode of season 6 and now 10 months out from the premiere of season 7, TheGaroStudios decided to get the hype machine rolling by making one of the best trailers for season 7.

As we’ve found out, Jon Snow has now become one of the most pivotal characters in the story which is why this fan trailer was made. It’s incredible. If this doesn’t get you excited for season 7, then you’re dead inside and we can’t be friends.

Knowing George R.R. Martin, Snow will die a another horrible death 30 minutes into season 7 and never come back because the dude just likes to f**k with us.

Bonus: The Game of Thrones audition reel.

God damn, Khal Drago looked so bro-y even in his audition.

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