Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Are Back Together But Probably Not for Long

Now we have one more couple to add to the list of on-again, off-again whirlwind romances. Our favorite couple of the minute is supermodel Gigi Hadid and pop star Zayn Malik. The two had allegedly broken up at the beginning of the month, but have since been very much together.

According to a source:

They broke up and got back together almost right away. Right now, it’s back on, but it could be off again in an hour.

I mean sometimes that happens. We’ve all been there. But this could be cause of alarm for their relationship’s future. The same source continues:

They are young and keep going back and forth. Things are testy between them.

A second insider who I’m going to pretend is Kendall Jenner ratting out her best friend and competition shares some insight into both their clashing personalities.

He wants to stay home and hang out, but she loves the limelight. She loves attention and he hates it. An introvert and an extrovert; we all saw it coming.

Love is a battlefield.

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