Hey, It’s the Stanford Rapist’s Mugshot

When Brock Turner came into this world, his parents thought, “Brock Turner”, what a wonderful name. Little did they realize Brock Turner would later forever be known as THE STANFORD RAPIST. Copyright and trademark that Brock, don’t let anyone else get those residuals.

Turner’s the guy from Stanford University who got drunk, raped another drunk girl and got six months in county jail and probation for three felony sexual assaults. The crimes were assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated woman, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object. Read that over to yourself again. Pretty gross, isn’t it.

Nah, it’s a much too severe punishment for “twenty minutes of action” according to his father. Wow, who would’ve thought that India would be at the forefront of rape laws?

For some reason (gee, what could it be), Turner’s mugshot was never released for five months. We get Bill Cosby’s mugshot in a day.

It took the persistence of one individual for these photos to finally appear.

The photos were finally made public a few hours after Diana Prichard, a filmmaker and freelance journalist in Michigan, published a formal request she made Monday afternoon to Stanford public safety authorities rebutting point by point the arguments she said the university had made to decline her requests for Turner’s mugshots.

The sheriff’s office released the mugshot from his initial arrest and another from his sentencing.

Arrest photo

Sentencing photo

This is really gonna screw up his Tinder game.

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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
6 years ago

What’s next? Complaints about inner city thugs getting shot for attacking policemen

6 years ago

Why are his eyes always red?