Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Finally Break Up with an Instagram Announcement

Remember when D’Angelo Russell made an effort to show everyone just how much he sucks by leaking that video of Nick Young admitting to cheating? Well, that’s when I thought Iggy Azalea broke it off with 30-year-old creep and basketball player, Nick Young. Apparently I was wrong. It’s now three months later, some threats have been made but it just wasn’t working out. Per People, the couple has called it off.

Shortly after the video went viral, Azalea said there was “nothing really” going on between her and Young and that she wasn’t “tryna marry a cheater.” Less than a week later, she walked the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards while wearing her yellow diamond engagement ring. Azalea later laughed off the drama, joking that Young would be left with “half a penis” if the cheating rumors turned out to be true.

And well, folks. They gave it the college try. Iggy hasn’t had the best go of it in the public eye and it’s probably time she step back. She doesn’t need a 3o-year-old man child’s baggage on her plate. She announced the break up via Instagram. Can we all say faux pas and be done with this?

[H/T Celebitchy]

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