Iggy Azalea Was Thanked By a Hater the Other Day

While happily walking through the airport, a man cheerfully approached Iggy Azalea and asked if it was really her. With this kind of enthusiasm, you’d expect him to profess his undying love to her and proudly show her the hair doll he made from the strands of dead protein he’s secretly been collecting from her hairbrush or, at the very least, ask for an autograph. So did Iggy, I guess. But that was not meant to be.

Greeting the “fan” with a smile, Iggy replied that she was indeed Iggy Azalea and then started making the same unintelligible noises you hear in her music. Total mistake because the “fan” wanted to thank her… for ruining hip hop. He literally said, “I would just like to thank you so much for ruining hip hop.” Savage.

When Iggy realized what had happened, she stood in stunned silence for a second. No doubt caused by the fact that her spirit was literally leaving her body.

Let this serve as a blueprint on how to extinguish the last bits of hope in a person.

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7 years ago

Would have been better if he hadn’t run away giggling like a bitch.

7 years ago

Hmm.. rekt.