Inmate Allowed to Pursue Lawsuit Over Extracted Penis Marbles

I’ve heard of losing one’s marbles before, but never like this! Hahahaha. Kill me. On Tuesday, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously voted to allow West Virginia inmate Adrian King to continue his lawsuit against Huttonsville Correctional Center for illegally removing his penis marbles. Ugh, hate when that happens.

In November 2008 during a body modification craze, King implanted marbles into and tattooed his penis. In 2013, an inmate snitched on him telling officials about his penis marbles. Fearing what damage could be done with a marbled penis, like dickslapping someone real hard, officials decided the marbles were contraband and had to be taken out.

In January 2013, King saw a doctor who wouldn’t remove the marbles without his consent. He didn’t give it. When he returned to prison with his penis marbles still in tact, he says Deputy Warden Grover Rosencrance told him to “Get comfortable you stupid son of a bitch, you’ll be placed in administrative segregation until you do as I say and have those marbles removed.”

In June, King broke down and consented to the surgery because of “threats of continued segregation and other adverse actions.”

After his penis had been de-marbleized, King claims his member experiences tingling, numbness and pain when touched or when it rains, snows or gets cold. His penis is like a fleshy, misshapen barometer now. He also claims he’s now known as Marble Man among prison officials and, when searching him, they ask where his marbles are. How humiliating. Gay inmates have even started coming up to him because of the gossip. Gay inmates love marbled penises apparently.

Tuesday’s ruling restores claims that King’s Fourth Amendment right against illegal search and seizure, Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment and 14th Amendment guarantee of equal protection were violated.

Don’t forget the Second Amendment as well. The right to keep and bear arms and penis marbles. Thomas Jefferson explicitly said to put that part in.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
7 years ago

Penis marbles a truly statement of the man’s character. That involves cutting of the cock. Anyone who is willing to cut their own cock or allow another person to do is Aces in my book.